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Shipping, Conventions & Freebies

Shop Opening Update September 2021

Every Order is packed with Care and is unique in it's packing! 

C0vid Shipping Info:

Due to the worldwide Pandemic Shipping has been delayed for most of the cases and a lot of orders get lost in the Process which is why this shop for now only offers tracked shipping.

Update 19th Feb. 2021
Shipping WorldWide available again!

  • Shipping to the US can take up to 3 months!!!! ( I don't have any control over this.)
  • I only go to the post office once a week (Fridays.) This could mean that even if your order is marked as shipped it might take an additional day or two for the order to start moving!
  • For International I only offer with tracking number because only then I can assure you that your order will arrive!
  • Please just be a little patient!


Shipping overseas is only happening by plane. This means they can load a lot less packages at once -> it takes longer for the package to arrive. 

Print Shipping:

The Prints will be shipped in boxes and be backed up with Cardboard and tissue paper. HOWEVER! 
Prints might arrive a little damaged.

It's rare that a Print arrives in perfect condition. Usually the edges could be damaged. I'm trying to sell my Prints for a fair price. 
But I am NOT responsible for how the post service treats the packages. I know it's annoying but if you want to make sure the Print is not damaged, it's best to buy Prints from me from a Convention or order Multiple Items so the Print can be stabilized better.

In the past I had cases where people insisted on me resending the Prints up to 5 times. But I will no longer do that. I do my best to pack the order accordingly but this is just a note for you!

Thank you for understanding!



Items that are B-Graded are usually not very different from the Normal Products.
There might be small dog ears or missprints in some way or another.
The Price is accordingly scaled down, but I'm still promising a quality Product.



  • Every Order gets a Free Postcard
  • Orders over 40€ will receive an additional "I survived 2020 - you tried" Sticker and or Button.


Ordering the 2019 Artbook:

  • Free Postcard 'Prince on Bike'

Ordering a old Artbook / Notebook

  • Free 'Forget me not' Bookmark
  • Old Postcard Design


Ordering Pins & Charms

  • Every Order receives a random Postcard or Sticker usually fitting to the design they ordered
  • Good Omens Pins come with a Free Good Omens Bookmark